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Efficacy of Point of Service Testing - Breast Cancer (ePOST-BC)
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Co-Primary Investigator: Lauren Nye, MD
Co-Primary Investigator: Jennifer Klemp, PhD
Project Funding: Pfizer Independent Grant for Learning and Change

Project Goal
Address the effectiveness of a tele-mentoring model (Project ECHO®) for provider education and guided practice mentorship paired with a point of service delivery model for increasing genetic counseling and testing rates for breast cancer patients across the state of Kansas meeting a single indication (personal history of metastatic breast cancer) and breast cancer patients who meet National Comprehensive Cancer Network BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetic testing criteria. 


EPOST-BC Toolbox

Materials from the Project ECHO® learning sessions.

All case studies for this series discussed fictional patients for educational purposes only. 

Session 1
June 12, 2019

Genetics, Hereditary Cancer Syndromes and Guidelines for Genetic Testing

Session 2
July 10, 2019

Clinic Process for Identification, Education, and Utilization of Genetic Testing in Practice

Session 3
August 14, 2019

Understanding Genetic Testing Results

Session 4
September 11, 2019

Treatment Decisions Influenced by Genetic Testing (e.g., PARP inhibitors) in Clinical Practice

Session 5
October 9, 2019

Role of Multi-Disciplinary Team in the Management of individual's at High and Hereditary Cancer Risk

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